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OM Times magazine – January 2016

What if your doctor called to tell you you're going to die?

7 Keys to an Empowered Life –

The hard times in life demand both inspiration and spirituality. It is what anchors and sustains people through adversity. It provides the hope and the promise to soldier on from the valley to the peak as life often necessitates.

Mesmerizing New Self-help Film Available in Spanish –

Those who may be struggling with life, business, or their relationships will be thrilled to discover writer/producer Robin Jay's newest, intriguing personal development film, The Secrets of the Keys. The unique film is now available featuring a Spanish subtitle option on both DVD and Vimeo OnDemand.

“The Secrets of the Keys” Reveals Secrets For A Happy Life –

The Secrets of the Keys is destined to become a top-rated self-help film. The inspiring drama, which was released January, 2016, answers the questions most of us have about life and death, including "Why me…?" and "How can I make the most out of the time I have left?"

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